Upcoming Screenings of The Adventures of Kitty Zombie!

  • Posted by Kitty in Screenings on July 26th, 2017

Flashback Weekend
August 5th, 5pm
The award winning, family friendly zombie movie The Adventures of Kitty Zombie will have its Chicago premiere at Flashback Weekend 2017! It will show at 5pm, after the costume contest and is free to all convention attendees. After the screening there will be a Q&A with Kitty Zombie, and other cast a crew as well as meet and greet photo ops with Kitty! Info at www.flashbackweekend.com

Action On Film Festival
August 17th-26th
Family friendly zombie movie The Adventures of Kitty Zombie has been chosen as an Official Selection at the Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV. AOF is a 13th year festival that provides recognition and exposure to independent filmmakers. Info at www.actiononfilmfest.com

Chicago Horror Film Festival
September 22nd-24th, 7:15 short film block
Family friendly zombie movie The Adventures of Kitty Zombie has been selected to screen at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. Held at the Patio Theater in Chicago, IL September 22nd-24th. More details to come. Info at www.chicagohorrorfest.com

About the Film

“The Adventures of Kitty Zombie” is a family-friendly short film that tells the story of how Kitty Zombie escapes the evil military scientist that created him and finds friendship and refuge with a group of neighborhood kids in their secret tree house. With the military on his trail and a brand new world in front of him, Kitty’s only chance at freedom lies in the hands of his new little friends. Evil Scientists, Monsters, Tree Houses, Ninjas, and Kitty Zombie!

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